Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How does it taste?

I am so sick of the word 'boards' I could puke. USMLE this, boards that, First Aid, etc. Med students have the tendancy of incessantly harping on one topic after another. It's like the flavor of the week. You want to know who bought pogs, pokemon cards, magic cards, yoyos, silly bandz and whatever else the middle school craze is? Future med students.

So let's get to the meaning of the title, the meat and potatoes if you will. Get it? I used a title referring to eating and then used 'meat and potatoes' to refer to it. Get it? Unfortunately what I am asking is how socialized medicine tastes. You know, the health care is a right not a privilege mantra. What's that you say? Obama-care hasn't started yet? Hmmmmmm.....Imagine the following interaction:

Week: Want some bread?

You: It has been in the pantry a long time, how does it look?

Week: Looks ok.

You take a big bite and start chewing...

Week: Ooops, I don't think I quite looked over it as best I could, there is a spot. I am sorry, I shouldn't have just assumed it was ok by looking at only one side of it. It doesn't seem to have spread to the area where your piece is from, but there is mold on the loaf, look.

I flip over the loaf and there, almost mocking you, is a dark green and white mold spot...
You, being the clever person you are realize that mold is microscopic and the fact that it is visible tells you the mold has spread and affected every piece of the loaf...You now have the option. If you are me, you go by taste and smell. I would keep eating. However, you have the option of spitting it out or swallowing. As you spit it out (you softie, you) you say you wish you had a crystal ball to see how it would have ended up if you kept chewing. Would you have puked, had diarrhea or died? Too bad you don't have that crystal ball...

Now imagine I forced you to eat it. It looks ok, but you aren't to sure. But as I am forcing you to eat it I am assuring you that it will be ok. Do you trust me? Did I meticulously look at every part of that bread to assure it was mold free? Could I possibly look at every square millimeter? Would it be ok if you just got a little sick? What about if you died?

Now imagine that the loaf of bread represents Obama-care. The loaf may look good, even perfect to some, but is it? While we may not have the choice, do you want to eat it? Should we take some time to thoroughly look it over? It may be one of the most important loafs of bread we consume. If only we had the crystal balls.............

Crystal Ball #1
Crystal Ball #2

Doesn't look so good does it, eh?

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