Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tr-Hip Replacement

It's ok, it's me.  Don't feel like you are cheating on me, it's just like I dyed my hair, or got a little cosmetic surgery.  It's still me on the inside, and that's what counts, right?  For all of you who didn't know what the picture was on the last post, it was a perforated tympanic membrane, aka ruptured eardrum (at least, that's what google promised).  Frequently happens to me when I fly with slight congestion.  See the airlines like to keep the cabin pressurized at a high altitude, approx 8000 feet, something about saving money on gas....penny pinchers if you ask me.  That makes for a terrible descent.  Once the drums blew, it was smooth sailing.  I relate it to finals week.  It's not the taking the test/rupturing eardrum that is bad, that is actually the relieving part.  It is all the pressure leading up to finals week, and you just want it to be over with.  Anyways, enough about me.  

Well this part is about me also, but it is MY blog and MY life and I will do what I want.  (The I's are capitalized too, you just can't tell.  I did press the keys extra hard when I typed them though).  So I have decided to get my MBA while in medical school.  Actually, I am trying out the program right now as my payment isn't due until June.  They have to make sure we pass our classes and all.  We have only had one class so far, but we had a very good discussion about the slight trend in medical tourism.  Our teacher brought up a good question that I would like to share with you.

This can also be asked for standard insurance agencies....

Let's say you worked for a company that is self insured or you had a run of the mill insurance.  You find out you need a hip replacement.  Since your company pays for all your medical expenses, they contact you and ask the following question.  "Mr/Mrs X, your procedure is going to cost $11,000 for us here in the US.  However, it will cost us significantly less in India.  Would you be willing to have your surgery in India if we payed for you and your significant other's flight over there, paid for all the expenses and recovery time, AND gave you $2,000?  Don't worry about the recovery time, we will make sure you get on the plane to come home only when it is safe.  Don't need you getting a DVT on the way back.  Now before you say anything, the hospital you would be sent to has been accredited by the Joint Commission International, which is a branch of a US non-profit agency that has strict requirements for accreditation.  In fact, some would say they are right on par with the US!  We will also pay for any complications, should they arise, once you are back in the states."  They might even follow it up with something cheesy like "Bone Voyage!!!"

Would YOU go to India?  How about for more?  Less????  How about if they gave you your choice of countries, like Costa Rica, Thailand, or Singapore??  Shoot, I would break my OWN femoral neck just to go to some of those places.  Want a vacation?  Just feed your husband McDonald's for a few years and he will need that CABG in that country you always wanted to go to...


  1. I would ask for the cash up front and have you do the cut job in the bell closet. Big brother can watch. We could even run the playback at the annual party!


  2. Yes, is this now Med Student Month? Miss your posts.