Monday, January 12, 2009

And we're back in three, two...

And so we're back.  My prediction was right, there are a few empty seats in the auditorium this time around.  No surprise there, I just hope that one day people aren't asking where I am.  I can honestly say that I had some of the best days of my life while on break (spent time on the beaches of mexico, got engaged, etc.), and I felt horribly when I landed back here, in school world.  I felt like I had just been called into the principal's office after peeking into the girls' locker room.  It was awesome a minute ago, but now it's back to reality.  Opened my apartment door and realized that yes, I am still in medical school, and yes, I have 3.5 more years of this.  I guess it is 1.5 more years of this and 2 years on being in the way of the people who know what they are doing and trying to stay invisible so I do not get pimped in front of my classmates.  Can't wait for that day.  Anatomy is done for this section, so now it is allllll lecture, baby!  SA-WEEEET.  There is only one thing sweeter than that, and it is this job.  Thanks to my future sister for that find.  Too bad I couldn't fulfill their scuba diving requirement as I have a permanently ruptured tympanic membrane.  My other ear sometimes ruptures during plane landings.  Awesome.  Without that, there might just be one more vacant seat in my class.

Not much to write today, but thought I should get the wheels rolling again as it took me all of last week to remember what class I was taking, and how to study, not that I am any good at it.  Looking forward to what semester 2 has to offer in the form of blogging material.  Oh, and tonight is my final class on basic life saving which means that now if you choke, have a heart attack, or cardiac arrest, I might know a thing or two about it and maybe might be able to help.  But then again, after certification I may end up flushing all that info out as that is what seems to happen after tests now, so don't count on me for rescue.


  1. Congratulations for getting engaged!

    Wishing you the best as you grow reaccustomed to the classroom & study scene.

  2. I am pretty sure that some of the best times in your life were working 7am-2pm with me but whatever.