Friday, December 26, 2008

You can sit here if you want to

Special thanks to Laurie Edwards over at Chronic Dose for including my post in herGrand Rounds.  She even gave me "the best of the best of" nod with the asterisk award.  Go check out what she is offering over there.  

I apologize for failing to produce a blog the past few days.  I know, it says "the week" yet I didn't live up to the hype like Dan O'Brien circa the 1992 Summer Olympics.  I will have you know I will be repeating my failure next week as I will be down on the beaches of Mexico, taking in the sun and enjoying the Chiclets.  Nothing more gratifying than supporting the Mexican economy via my purchase of flats of tiny packages of gum that produces four seconds of flavor and literally disintegrates in your mouth an hour later.  I do my part.

I am somewhat discouraged going back to school after my vacation.  Not because I don't want to be a doctor anymore, but because there is a good chance that the curve I have been relying heavily upon has changed.  Not the good change, but the kind of change where people talk about you behind your back, you become the "bad boy" and rumors about you and felonies spread like wild fire, but enough about my high school years.  You see, there are certain people who I have been relying upon for helping with the curve, and they may make a decision that will no doubt ripple out to me.  Should they decide that they aren't doing well enough in school and no longer want to be a doctor, they may leave school, destroying the better part of the curve.  Better to get out now than to continue to increase their debt load.  They will have six months to find a new career or school before the bounty hunter shows up.  I will be sorry to see that someone has come this far only to find out that it is not for them and with them went some of the bottom half of the class I was relying upon for an extra boost in my score.  But at least it will free up some more room in the auditorium...


  1. There was only 1 guy who failed out of my first year class...not sure what became of him...certainly had a way with the ladies, such a waste...Bradley something...Pitts?

  2. Better to find out now than when they can't pass Step 2 after barely passing Step 1 on the 2nd (3rd?) try.

    There are folks with 4 years of school under their belts who just can't pass Step 2. Not sure how much wool has to be pulled over a person's eyes to get to that point (Thomas the Tank Engine's mantra can only get a medical student so far before other gifts must kick in), but I hear med school debt sucks loads more if you never earn a medical license.