Friday, September 26, 2008

Infraspinatus Envy

Thursday, my lab group exposed the infraspinatus  (among other things), and let me tell you, it is textbook.  No fascia, beautiful striations.  It is even better then the prosection.  Everyone was coming over to look, even the fellows.  If our infraspinatus doesn't get tagged in the anatomy practical, I will be talking to the dean.  

I was convinced that I still had some piece of flesh on me this morning during lecture because I could smell it.  I think I will be smelling it for a long time, piece of flesh or not.  Like my brother once said, "if you smell it, you also taste it."  SWEET!  My group is pretty cool as well.  A lot of people were talking about how everyone at their tank was so serious and no one had a sense of humor (or should I say humerus).  My lab group was joking and laughing.  I could see the sadness in some people's eyes as they looked over at us like we had just beat them in the championship game and it was time for our trophy.  And that was before the infraspinatus was unleashed.

There were a few awkward moments in lectures this week.  The first was when the biochemistry professor asked a student in the front row if the word "invagination" turned him on.  The second was when one of the anatomy professors said to the other, (they are married to each other) in front of the whole class, "thanks for helping me with that, you are definitely getting dessert tonight.


  1. Wow. This whole POST turns me on. Your life has definitely become far more interesting since moving to MO Mr. T. We here at the calm little resort by the sea don't have anything NEARLY as interesting, humerus or as awkward to report.
    Thanks for helping us experience (smell AND taste!) all the greatness in your life right now!

  2. Hmm sounds like you're starting on the back, I think thats an old tradition, wait till you get to the innards. I still get a Woody just thinkin about that thoracic duct.