Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Three and out

Well, we just got the second test results back today.  I will tell you that I am not happy with where I am.  I can do better.  I have not felt that I have been firing on all cylinders.  I feel like a football team that is able to move the ball, but just can't get to the end zone.  I will not settle for a punt or field goal.  [On a side note, when I was injured for football, I was responsible for writing down the result for every play.  Our team was struggling on offense, and it got to the point where I started to misspell 'field' in field goal because I was writing it so many times.  Now I know how you felt coach.]  I am faced with two possible ways out of this predicament.  I can completely throw out the practice plan and start changing things up everyday until I get it right, or I can slightly tweak the plan, while keeping the foundation I have built on.  Either way I suck at studying.  Yeah, I may be hard on myself, but I know no other way.  I could tell myself that I am not last so it is okay, but that would be cheating myself.  Like saying at the end of the loss, "at least we beat them in the second half."  You may be right, but we still lost.  I have yet to find a method that works for me.  I do believe I am on the right track, because the other option for me would be to just read through everything.  I know the notes are good, but just reading will not help me remember because I have been reading them when I review.  People will say what 'works' for them, but that is a relative term.  'Works' as in you are the top of the class, or 'works' as in you are not failing?  I assume the latter.  I do not want to win on a last second play, I want to have my subs in by the start of the fourth quarter.  What I do know is my brain is fried (I actually stopped myself putting dirty dishes into my refrigerator this morning) so there must be something going on inside my head.  Although, on the same token, I feel like I have learned nothing.  Just in one ear and out the other.  There is either severe learning trying to go on, or severe brain damage.  It is a good thing we are not in our neurology section or I would be self diagnosing.  I am already thinking I will develop ankylosing spondylitis, but that is a different topic.  Can't wait for each system so I can figure out what is wrong with me.   

This week is somewhat light and by light I mean I actually recognize some of the words in lecture so I will try to think of ways to do better.  The problem is I am too busy trying to grasp the large picture, and then they ask some detailed question on our test.  It kind of feels like a low blow.  If you spend 20 minutes on one subject and 2 on another, I assume you value the 20 minutes topic.  Either that or you are just wasting my time, and don't get me started on that!!!

Anyways, our section final is next friday along with the clinical final on thursday.  I will have no way to gauge if any new method works for me because the final is cumulative.  I think for now I will do a few things differently, but spend some time this week trying to figure out a game plan so the next time I get the ball I don't go three and out.  Yeah, that post was football themed.  Yeah, I work out.  Yeah, I eat protein.  You wanna wrestle over it?

p.s.  I will be posting the answer to the ethics question soon.


  1. Keep up with your "go get 'em" and "get 'er done" attitude! I know you will work this out just like every other hurtle that's come in your path!

  2. You'll get through the red zone and into the end zone the way you always have...steely determination and an occasional 41-yd field goal (sorry to mention field goals!) At three years old, you knew what you wanted to be when you grew up, and you haven't wavered. Mom's corny advice: Remember the power of words and try using some positive self-descriptors when you talk about your study abilities. I have faith that you'll find what "works" for you. You always have!

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  4. Ok...it's time to use baseball analogies rather than football. It's never over til the fat lady sings. That will be me at your graduation celebration.
    You have to get up to bat and you will strike out once in a while. Don't throw anything or be angry. Just figure out what you can do better and get up there and hit it out of the park next time.
    Also...think 'one base at a time'. Focus on getting to first...don't wonder how you're gonna get home. One base at a time.
    I went to college for 17 years. Two classes a semester. People tried to discourage me, telling me I would be 40 before I finished. I told them that I would be 40 one day anyway, I might as well have a degree.
    Point being, most of life comes one day at a time, a class at a time, a semester at a time. I think I got myself upset too, when I looked at the long-term goal too often. It seemed so far away.
    Perhaps focusing on a few short term goals might be helpful. And then celebrating those little achievements!
    And...no matter what, LIFE WILL GO ON. It will. You WILL one day look back and laugh at all of this.
    From the hospital window of course.

  5. Alignment, assignment, technique. You know where you need to be, what your job is, and how to execute. We could go into deep conversation about the game plan and how to switch up the technique but it all boils down to what coach always used to preach: attitude, effort, perserverance, togetherness. I know how dynamic a person you are, so I know without a doubt you'll figure out what works best for you. Don't channel out the advice from others. It might be a study tip goldmine. To quote former PLU football coach Frosty Westering, "Instead of the Road to Success focus on the Success Road." I know you're a reflective person and will "get 'er done." Stay tough buddy...to quote another person, "Tough times go away, tough people stick around." I know that you are and you will make it happen bro.

  6. Medical school is far more difficult than law school, which is why I am in law school ;) I feel your pain; it feels like a whole bunch of shit you are shoving into your head but none of it makes sense and/or you can't even remember all the pieces that belong to the puzzle. At least that is how I feel.

    I also suck at studying and do all I can to avoid studying (including work - own a company; and do dishes) Just keep at it, it will all make sense and repetition is the key. Keep reviewing in small pieces. Take breaks and say it out loud. Get a study partner even if it is just for motivation and accountability to study (if you're in NY count me in ;)I recruit my sister to listen to me recite the law and how it relates to things in life so it makes sense and I remember better.

    Again, I know what you mean about firing on all cylinders. After working all day and trying to you know, have clean clothes and crap to eat, it is hard to sit and study constitutional law when the TV is staring at me. I really feel like I have a good quality study session maybe once week (sucky) You just have to do it, and as much as you can before attempting to jump from the first floor window. Do something fun; catch a movie, take a walk, whatever it is. I get a massage once a week and those two days after are my best study days. The time out will be ok and the study time will be made up because you will be more focused and motivated.

    You can do it. For crap sake if I can do it, YOU most certainly can do it!