Monday, November 24, 2008

Oh no he di-int!

Oh, yes I did.  Two blogs in two days.  Better productivity then Texas Tech had on Saturday.  It is the holidays and I am a sweetheart so here 'ya go.  See you after T-Giving.

Seeing as the holidays are approaching faster than a gunner can say "teacher, teacher, you forgot to assign us homework!!" I thought I would take this opportunity to assist you folks a little bit should you come across a Hotel.  Once a long, long time ago, a young, stud-riddled group of bellmen (who happen to be the greatest bellmen and co-workers ever and were actually thinking about making a "Bell Hops in Tank Tops" calendar cuz they are so manly) started a blog.  They all make Vin Diesel in Pitch Black look like Clay Aiken.  What started out as sheer entertainment quickly turned into a defunct blog as soon as management pulled the internet from the work-space.  Before the ship went down, they managed to squeeze out the best tipping guide to date (as well as search the internet for info on colon cleansing, UFC, co-workers in bathing suits, you-tube videos of aliens and surf spots, Nascar, beer, reggae music, atheism, Bible Verses, army gear, pictures to photoshop and google every creepy guest they could, to name a few items from memory).  It isn't someone giving their opinion about what they feel is best, but actually advice and guidance straight from the receiver.  Naturally you might be thinking the information is a little biased, like Tom Cruise talking about Scientology in the background of a PETA video, but I assure you, it comes from the heart.  So at my futile attempt to resuscitate the blog (I think they have internet again) I say, Enjoy!!

NOTE TO READER:  If you ever see a bellman loading a cart like the one pictured above, he is a fake.  No self-respecting bellman packs a cart like that.  Maybe a valet, but NOT a bellman.  He is going to put the folding garment bag on the cart, wrinkling the suit.  Plus the golf clubs are resting against the metal which is putting unnecessary strain on the Calvin and Hobbes golf club cover that guest has.  That is what you call a JV job.  Plus I can see the hand prints on the cart.  Someone didn't learn to use bright boy...


  1. Oh do I miss the bellmen's blog! Those WERE indeed the days!! My dad STILL asks what happened to you guys.
    (I think the internet is back up tho...maybe it's time to make another stab at it!)
    And, damn, fake bellmen make me so angry!

  2. Wow! Great stuff Secrets! Maybe a hyperlink to the Bell Blog huh?

    I will be back at it soon I promise. We have ample time in the mornings. Be on the look out for the VOTE FOR GARY! campaign huh!

    -AWS aka campaign manager