Friday, November 14, 2008

Update: Parents out there really do want out of being a parent

In reference to a previous post found here, where I talked about the safe-haven law in Nebraska:  Front page of I found this today.  Apparently they are asking kindly for parents to stop.  Good luck with that.


  1. This is so sad! I want to adopt them all.

  2. How did these so-called parents convince their teenagers to get out of the car at a HOSPITAL? It's not exactly Magic Mountain! “Oh sure, Mom, whatever you say. I LOVE seeing the phlebotomist!” If these kids were so agreeable, what was the problem in the first place?? Too bad they couldn't just dump their parents and ask for their own Safe Haven!

    Maybe Nebraska could now also become the first state to require prospective parents to be licensed before procreating...or give these nurturing parents permanent birth control!

  3. The real Irony is just the act of taking your Child to Nebraska should be prima fascia evidence of Child Abuse. Not as bad as North or South Dakota, true, but pretty effin bad.