Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ahhh, yes the BCS

In honor of the BCS, I will soon be changing my specialty hierarchy to a complicated mathematical formula that will in no doubt make it clear which one is right for me.  I hired a math-a-lete to help me.  I will also be giving you a very random, somewhat incoherent post as I have another test tomorrow and this last week was out of control busy.  Felt like I was one the trading floor of wall street, sans the awesome backstreet boy head mic.  

Anatomy lab was filled with phrases like "I hope that wasn't important."  "That looked important."  "I think I found the great saphenous vein."  "No, you found fascia."  "My nose itches."  "You got some juice in my eye." and "maybe we weren't supposed to cut that."  I accidently cut something I shouldn't have (don't worry, even the fellows do that), and instead of alerting my tank mates, and risk getting voted off the island, I tucked it back in and waited for someone else to touch it and pull it out of its intended spot so I could pull the old tommy boy "what'd you do??" line.  Stellar.

Apparently I have been 'tagged' by this woman.  It appears that my job is now to entertain you with 7 'wacky' or unknown facts about myself.

7.  I have owned and actively worn the shoes I am wearing for 5 years.  I hold onto shoes until the soles fall off or they look bad.  Notice I said "or look bad" because I can keep the shoes looking new until the sole comes off.  In fact, my last pair of work shoes I had were spray painted and sharpied to mask the severe discoloration.  It worked.  Wall paper over the hole, baby. (don't hate)
6.  I have had a gun pulled on me (don't ask)
5.  The phrase "I need a bellhop" still brings a sickness to my stomach.  While we are on the subject, so does "I will tip you later", and "Oh, sorry I need to go to the ATM."
4.  I have never done anything wrong/illegal/immoral without getting caught.  (Yep, I suck at crime)
3.  I have never been in a fist fight.  In fact I often think how things would have been different if I had thrown a punch the one chance I had that was warranted.
2.  I have had seven surgeries and I am still convinced that the Kerlan-Jobe doc let his first-day fellow cut on me, but one day that could be me so I won't complain.
1.  I was suspended from pre-school....thats right, pre-school.  (When you're street, you're street.)

Because I was so generous and told everyone who reads my blog to go to their web site, I now 'tag' Frank Drackman MD, the DOA, and Cold Girl Fever (Medicine Girl)    (If you guys do not do this, you will have bad luck for 50 years and John Rocker will become president.)

This week I had a talk from an ED physician, and by ED I mean emergency department.  I wasn't surprised, but I was upset at the fact that he said his group only gets paid 35% of what they bill for.  You can't get that good of a deal buying chiclets from a mexican child on the beaches of San Felipe.  He started to worry some people by saying that his group only gets back 35%, they get a large part of their income taxed, and they still have student loans.   Now, do not take me for a greedy person who has no compassion and does not have a heart, but I wonder how it would change the face of medicine if doctors had no income tax.  Add in teachers, bellmen (had to throw it in there), firemen and policemen to that group and I wonder what would happen.  Just a thought.  Hey, the lawyers will pick up the tab.  A physician I shadowed once told me "you know, a lawyer makes $100,000 a year and people say, 'he must be good and work hard.' but a doctor makes $100,000 a year and people say, 'ah those damn doctors charge too much.'"  Now I know I am not in medicine for the money, and I do believe that some less fortunate people deserve medical care, and I will absolutely be a physician who gives back, but there are a lot of people who take advantage of the system and just ride it out, leaching off of the tax payers.  I could go deeper onto this topic but I have a test tomorrow.  

We did have one person in our class stand up and tell us that she really wants to go work for an insurance company one day.  Kind of like standing up at your  nun orientation and saying you wish to be a stripper one day.  So much for that oath you took at the white coat ceremony about doing everything in your power to get patients better.  I mean you took the seat of someone who actually wanted to treat patients, not actuarial statistics.  I tried to get her kicked out of school, but I couldn't get her to take a swing at me.  They should have kicked her out on principle alone.  Kind of not what we stand for.  I hope this week is not as busy as the last one.  Out.


  1. I never noticed your shoes but I CAN believe you were suspended from pre school (because I know your mother--I can imagine her defending you no matter what you did!)
    Do you prefer the term'bellboy'? I love when the guests ask me to have a bellboy come down. Sounds kinda kinky to me every time.
    Did you know my former husband was in med school? Yep. Then he decided to be part of the administrative side instead...he ended up OWNING a hospital and is now driving a Ferrari. And a Lamborghini. And a Maserati. (But he doesn't have ME anymore!)
    You'd be good at the 'other side' too. You are calm and kind and smart and sensitive. And you know business.
    Just a thought.
    You have to keep your options open with all the veins being pulled out every which way.
    There was a certain "Tommy Boy" star at the Resort lately. I had to truly contain myself from going to his room and saying, "Housekeeping..."
    Fat guy in a little coat!
    Hey, some guys go to school for seven years! Yeah, they're called doctors!
    That's YOU!!!

  2. It's tempting to add to your list! However, maybe I should play it safe and send you some shoes instead...

  3. Oh, I'm sorry but I don't have anything smaller than a hundred, sorry's two dollars:(

  4. Brutha!! I thought maybe I'd stumbled into Professor Peabodies weigh-back machine and met an earlier version of myself, but I see we're quite different...took me awhile to figure out this tagged thing, so I'll get to work on it.

  5. Hey!! I would LOVE to have John Rocker as President, boy talk about your obscure 90's references. Even Dennis Miller would have to googgle that one, I only recognized it cause I've been a Braves fan since 1968. I'll accept your tag challenge anyway:)

  6. Thanks for tagging me! My next post (or maybe the one after next) will continue the tagging fun. Just finished my IM rotation yesterday and all the blog post ideas & interesting self-factoids have floated far from my mind during blissful post-exam weekend fun. 14-hr hospital days are coming right up, so that blissed out feeling should fade soon enough. Can't wait.

    Thanks for the shoe preservation tips (I hate shopping & am a pro at scuffing shoes on the 1st wear!) & best of luck as you finish out a successful semester!

  7. Aw Frankie, bummer. I was hoping you could help me avoid any life-errors you made along the way. Oh well. What was it that set us apart? Was it the whole suspended from pre-school thing?