Monday, October 27, 2008

Pick Your Battles, Moron

It isn't that often that I call people names, but in a class of medical students I am not surprised that many of us have somewhat off-kilter social compasses.  You know, making jokes bout being a 'floppy baby' for halloween (a buzz word in pathology) loud enough for others to hear, talking out loud in the library, repeating 'fecal-oral' every chance you get, being a democrat (I only kid, don't taze me bro).  It is a surprise that they allow some of us to be around naked dead people as much as we are.  Seems like 268 walking liabilities with probes and scalpels to me.  But, I let that all slide.  I am cool like that.  

What I do not understand is how some of my classmates do not know when to keep their mouth shut.  Word around school is that some brilliant one went and complained to a pathology professor.  I could stop there.  Many of you know that you do not voluntarily go and seek out a pathologist to converse.  Like going to rehab to pick up on chicks, you're just asking for trouble.  I mean, pathologists are usually odd, let's be honest.  This one in particular swears he has an extra Y chromosome or something.  So rule number two of med school was breached.  Now I will tell you that this little genius went  to him to complain about how he mentions religion a lot and how offended she was that he mentioned that Muslim women that cover all their skin except their eyes are looking at potential bone disease from lack of Vitamin D from lack of sunlight.  Really?  What offends you?  FACTS?  Or because he said 'Muslim'?  Learn to pick your battles genius.  You want to go petition to change the color of stop signs because RED is offensive and brings negativity also?  Good luck with that.  So now good old path professor pulled his intended test for us and is replacing it with a much harder test for our benefit.  Guaranteed that guy could make a test out where we would all get none right because contrary to what some of my classmates think, we know nothing about diagnosis, recognizing, or treatment of disease.  Rule number one of med school is you don't know crap.  Rule number two is you don't talk to pathologists unless spoken to.  We are first years with undergrad degrees.  Pick your battles.  Go ahead and put the phrase "that offends me" away for a little bit, or at least until I won't be directly affected by your hairpin trigger reactions.  You can't bark up every offensive tree, because if you do, it will be a loooooooong rotation and residency and life.  Path and anatomy practicals thursday.  Pretty sure I now create mnemonics for my grocery lists. 


  1. It always astounds me what shit my classmates are capable of. I have begun to say, as a sort of mantra, "they're medical students, you can't expect much of them."

    Seriously, while they may be able to memorize Krebs cycle and the five signs of inflammation, many of them have no higher thinking skills, and couldn't recognize common sense if it bit them on the shin.

    It doesn't get any better. I just can't wait until my classmates start interacting with patients. Wow. To be a fly on that exam room wall!

  2. A good example why many docs suck. Medicine isnt about ego so get over it "oh offended one".

  3. It was amazing how the gunners sucked the professor's c****s. I even considered becoming a PhD because its the one teaching job where you could espouse Nazi beliefs and still have 21 year old former cheerleaders lining up to give you oral pleasure. Too bad they don't use black boards any more. What works good, is a simple chariacture of one of the gunners giving the Prof a hummer, you don't even have to draw good for it to work.